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What You Need to Know About Local Drone Laws

In the last decade, businesses and their consumers have welcomed drones into their lives. They are able to provide a new effective way to deliver products to people in close proximity to their business. Furthermore, it’s provided customers with a convenient, contact-less delivery method. Due to its popularity, the United States is beginning to create guidelines and restrictions for non-recreational and recreational drone users. What does this mean for businesses who are looking to or have established drones in their operations? We’ve highlighted a few things you should know.

Drone Laws Prohibit Landing or Taking-off from Airports

The earliest enacted law relating to drone ordinances is from Grand Forks, North Dakota. The regulation states that drones should not be landing or taking-off from airports, helipads, or other unauthorized locations. Since its enactment, other cities such as Charlottesville, Virginia; Deer Trail, Colorado; and Berkley, California; have followed suit. A majority of cities with heavy drone usage have established similar restrictions.

Laws Regarding Drone use in Public Space

One of the most common restrictions Drone Center found was related to the use of aircrafts in public spaces. They found that 67 localities restrict the technology in places such as parks, roads, and near public buildings. Additionally, local laws have restricted the use of drones to invade a person’s privacy through surveillance. Also, laws have prohibited users from flying over private property without the owners’ consent. Cities in Arizona, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Delaware all have restrictions that are incorporated into their laws.

State Laws are Drafting New Regulations

Since 2013, local and state governments have been passing ordinances and legislation aimed at restricting the use of drones in a number of settings. Many of the proposed laws involve the use of aircraft by law enforcement, prohibiting drones from flying over critical infrastructure, and also using them to invade someone’s privacy. Additionally, many state legislatures have defined strict penalties for those who violate the law, including felony and misdemeanor charges.

Over the years, ordinances and legislation have faced a lot of backlash from drone hobbyists, businesses, and industry organizations. They believe there are too many local and state restrictions on the technology and they cannot enjoy or adequately follow these regulations.

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