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4 Ways Microgrids are Energizing Local Economies

For years, cities in the United States have been working to transition into more flexible energy resources. In California, regulators believe microgrids are the answer they’ve been looking for. They’ve approved a $200 million budget that would adopt the technology to supply power through extended wildfire-prevention blackouts. In addition to withstanding natural disasters, they’re are providing communities with a number of ways that benefit their economy. Below are a few examples of how they achieve this.

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Microgrids are Generally Cleaner

According to Mike Byrnes, President and COO of SourceOne, people look to this technology because they offer a more sustainable energy solution than the electricity bought from the utility. Cities that adopt microgrids see an opportunity to deploy zero-emission electricity sources, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, they can improve the management of local power supply and demand, which can reduce energy waste and costly utility investments. That is why U.S. House lawmakers reintroduced a $1.5 billion bill that would help fund clean energy microgrids in low-income communities.

Smaller Facilities Are Using Microgrids

Before, microgrids were primarily used by universities, military bases, and corporate campuses. Today, smaller organizations are utilizing the technology to enhance and secure their energy. Industries, such as those in healthcare, education, and manufacturing are adopting microgrids to secure a source of energy for their facilities. According to Microgrid Knowledge, as people rely more heavily on the internet for commerce, wellness, education, and entertainment, there’s been a huge demand for reliable energy. When something as simple as a utility tower breaks down, it greatly impacts their everyday operations. 

Microgrids Can Supply Power During a Natural Disaster

As mentioned before, California is looking for a way to supply power in the event of a wildfire. Their plan to install microgrids is an excellent choice as the technology is known for its level of resilience. After Hurricane Sandy, many municipalities and businesses began installing the technology to withstand the devastating conditions and found great success by restoring power into their buildings efficiently. Now other cities are adopting their own system to counteract disasters in their area. 

Strengthen the Central Grid with Microgrids

Not only can a microgrid benefit local businesses and government buildings, but this sustainable energy alternative can service the average person too. One way is by helping ease the strain on a central grid during periods of peak demand for energy. Microgrids act as an additional resource grid that their operators can call upon during these times of high demand. Furthermore, this technology reduces line loss, which means using more electricity than we produce. This alleviates the need to build more power plants and transmission lines to the central grid. 

Stay Current on Developing Laws Relating to Microgrids

Microgrids can benefit local communities in many ways, and because of this demand is growing. As a utility company, it’s important to stay on top of laws relating to this technology as it directly impacts your business. With the Agenda Discovery legislative tracking software, you can benefit from a virtual assistant that will alert you of any discussions happening on the local level. Stay current on laws that matter most, contact us today to learn how we can help.  


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