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monitor your local city council agenda

Our government agenda alert notifies our waste customers of issues that impact their bottom line.

Federal governments set strict standards for waste. However, it’s the state and local government’s job to enforce policy, decide upon fees, recycling requirements, and waste options. 

Waste issues are discussed at one out of every four local government meetings. Businesses, governments, research institutions, and citizens need to be part of the decision-making process for efficient waste systems.

Recycling and composting

Is Your City Adopting a Recycling and Composting Program?

Recycling and composting activities can generate environmental and economic benefits. What impacts are these programs having on communities and the environment.
A pile of trash from different fast food restaurants showing improper waste disposal

3 Waste Disposal Issues Happening Around The United States

One of the most important topics of discussion in our society is the mounting waste disposal problem our world is facing. Learn how the U.S. is handling it here.
A woman is wearing gloves and holding a trash bag as she collects trash along the water

Legislative Tracking: Plastic Water Bottle Bans

Americans purchased 11 billion plastic bottles in 2018 & only one-fifth was recycled. That means 8.8 billion plastic bottles were left in the environment.