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City Council Agenda Tracking

Stay on top of the issues that impact the utilities industry. Receive city council agenda alerts about the information that impacts your business. 

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Electric companies are at the mercy of city regulations. The local government ultimately decides how available, reliable, and responsive their services are.


Local lawmakers place restrictions on usage and mandates on utility companies.


Changes to infrastructure policies can make or break a business.


Local energy portfolio or alternative energy requirements can have a significant impact on gas and power companies.

PFA’s & Groundwater Regulations

PFA’s have been around since the 1940s, yet recently, companies have been dealing with the aftermath of their destruction. PFA stands for poly-fluoroalkyl substances, which are man-made chemicals and the purpose for them was to fight stains, water repellents, firefighting, and other industrial applications. Although they have been phased out of production in the United States and Europe, they are still being imported and have left contaminants in our groundwater.

About Agenda Discovery​

At Agenda Discovery, we have automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool for the retail industry. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

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