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Local policymakers decide how towing companies can conduct business.

City and state governments create the regulations that towing businesses must comply with. Municipalities help set fees, charges, rules, and operational standards towing companies must follow.

Issues about towing response time requirements, towing equipment standards, the security of towed vehicles, and the circumstances required to warrant the towing of a vehicle, are all regularly discussed at city council meetings across America.

The only way for towing companies to know of changes in the city regulations that impact their business is for them to track government meeting agendas.

With Agenda Discovery, towing companies can track keywords like “predatory towing” to be sent alerts in real-time.

Get in front of the conversations in your market before they start. Click here to use the most power legislative tracking tool on the market!

A large towing truck with a black BMW on it's bed parked on the side of the road