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City Council Agenda Tracking

Stay on top of the issues that impact the telecommunication industry. Receive city council agenda alerts about information that impacts your business. 

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The Local Franchise Authority (LFA) is not as well-known as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but it directly impacts which cable services are available in your area.


Although cable and broadband services are packaged together and offered by the same providers, they are legally regulated differently.


Having wireless internet (WiFi) has become standard today. But how it is wireless is sold and the speeds available are all decisions made by the local government.


Fifth-generation (5G) wireless is what’s coming next for WiFi and having WiFi won't be enough.

Small Cell

Small cells are an infrastructure that makes it possible for advanced WiFi like 5G to operate across cities.

Cell Tower

Cell towers are essential to the telecommunications infrastructure, and it’s the local government’s job to decide where cell towers can exist and what rules telecommunications companies must follow.

How City Regulations Impact The Broadband Options That Are Available to You

Many people are surprised to learn that the broadband internet that is available to them isn’t part of some untouchable master plan made between the federal government and internet service provider corporations. Your broadband options are directly impacted by city regulations and your local government.

About Agenda Discovery​

At Agenda Discovery, we have automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool for the retail industry. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

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