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City Council Agenda Tracking

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Smart Cities

For integrated buildings, transportation, and personal devices to work together, a city must provide an infrastructure that supports merging technology.


IoT is what connects devices and allows hardware to communicate with other devices connected to the cloud and the physical environment. IoT has the potential to improve the quality of life and safety of cities.


Successful towns will adapt to software that supports a cohesive framework.


Updated software must be supported by upgraded hardware.

Drone Delivery

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) relaxed drone operating legislation to support the implementation of drone delivery.


Next to funding and due process, cybersecurity risks are a primary reason that the inspiring technology of the future is still unavailable on a widespread scale.

Smart Cities are Coming

Simply put, a smart city is a city that utilizes IoT for the management of its core systems like transportation, parking, crime, waste, water utilities, public services, buildings, energy, communication, and more. The idea is that through artificial intelligence (AI), and even in some cases blockchain, a city can function completely, or almost completely on its own, with little need for human labor and intervention. 

About Agenda Discovery​

At Agenda Discovery, we have automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool for the retail industry. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

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