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Our software collects agendas from local government websites by scanning them for relevant keywords.

The keywords we search are keywords you request to be monitored. This ensures that you only receive the information that’s most relevant to you and your institution.

When our software finds an agenda that contains keywords you choose to monitor, our system emails you with a downloadable agenda to your inbox.

Our emails provide a snapshot of the agenda’s key information, allowing you to decide if this is information that’s valuable to you.

Some primary information we can provide to you is government regulation updates, like legislation on off-grid power, decarburization, net metering, utility and property tax, and noise pollution.

A government building with rows of columns and highly detailed roofing that reads "Equal Justice Under Law"

What is Agenda Discovery?

We also can track business development news like rate increases, the names of public works directors, green building initiatives, and charge stations.

Our competitor monitoring feature also allows you to stay in the know with the developments that are changing the markets you serve.

We make the data that’s vital to your work more available and scalable.

Learn more about how we can help you scale your work!