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Small Cell

Small cells are an infrastructure that makes it possible for advanced WiFi like 5G to operate across cities.

These tools need less power to operate, and they receive and signal each other. Small cell boxes attach to existing power line poles.

Small cell systems need the support of both the federal and the local government to be built and to operate. Only half of the states in America have updated their laws to support the distribution and management of the small cells needed to support 5G.

The FCC has designed new laws and regulations regarding small cell infrastructure to make 5G easier to adapt. They have banned municipal roadblocks that can prevent the commissioning of 5G and. They have given state governments deadlines to comply with small cell applications. 

Understand how public access to 5G will impact costs and fees for your business. Monitor your local city council meeting schedule with our technology today!

A man is reaching towards a cell tower with a long rod as he stands in a crane lift