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monitor your local city council agenda

Storefronts, restaurants, salons, and other types of retailers are all, at the very least, partially regulated by local government mandates.

Minimum wage standards, employee-paid leave, sales tax, and signage are just some of the municipal legislation that impacts all types of businesses. 

Our Discovery meeting agenda software alerts our customers of changes in the city regulations that impact them most.

An eviction notice that came in the mail to an Arizona business

How Arizona Businesses Are Protected From Eviction During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our communities, especially local Arizona businesses. Learn how local government is protecting them from evictions.
A group of males and females toasting their cocktails over dinner.

Alcohol Rules and Regulations

Cities & towns are constantly changing their alcohol rules and laws. You can stay updated on council meetings with Agenda Discovery.
A bar graph showing the rise of something along with an orange arrow gradually increasing

Legislative Tracking: Minimum Wage Increase

Americans are seeing the highest minimum wage increases in history. So how did we get here? Cue our nation’s state and local governments.