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Recycling programs in America entered a state of crisis this year, after China announced it would no longer accept imported trash.

The United States has historically outsourced its recycling program internationally, with China being its biggest importer. But to reduce the amount of pollution in the country, China is no longer part of the program.

This has left many American cities with nowhere to send their recyclables. This has resulted in hundreds of cities nationwide canceling their recycling programs.

Before China opted out of the global recycling program, less than a fifth of all plastic waste was being recycled. Plastic pollution is entering dangerous territory and policies to regulate it are likely to only become more popular.

In America, cities like San Francisco have some of the most progressive recycling regulations, with complete bans on the use of non-compostable plastic bags and mandatory residential and business recycling laws. Requirements like these dramatically impact the companies that want to do business in these cities.

With more cities making zero waste commitments, it’s never been more important to track city regulations. Using a technology like ours is the only effective way to track a city council meeting schedule.

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