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Medical Transports

Millions of Americans rely on non-emergency medical transport for medical care.

Many people who rely on transportation assistance have physical disabilities that prevent them from being able to transport themselves or they lack the resources to afford transportation.

Programs like Medicaid often support medical transportation. Even though Medicaid is paid for by the federal government, state authorities decide how to spend the money, what specific eligibility requirements will be, and how they will structure the transportation system. 

States each approach this process differently; some provide discounts and free public transit, taxi services, and dial-a-ride options for eligible candidates. Several states offer volunteer driver programs, while other municipalities completely outsource medical transportation to private companies. 

Local officials vote on what type of transportation will be covered, how much of the budget will be allocated to the service, and how the system runs.

Monitoring your city council meeting schedule using a government agenda alert is the most effective way to know when changes are coming. 

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