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City Council Agenda Tracking

Stay on top of the issues that impact the medical industry. Receive city council agenda alerts about information that impacts your business. 

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Town Hall meetings decide which emergency response service is available to their citizens. The city decides who will pay for ambulatory services via tax dollars.

Medical Transports

Many people who rely on transportation assistance have physical disabilities that prevent them from being able to transport themselves.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral and mental health awareness is growing, with more locally funded programs emerging across the country.

Medical Clinics

The federal government provides states with limited funding to improve public health in their communities.

Solutions to Medical Transportation

Today, there are many economic factors that affect patients’ ability to gain access to healthcare, however, insufficient medical transportation is proving to be a big factor. There are some local governments that provide funding for medical transportation for people with disabilities or financial constraints.

About Agenda Discovery​

At Agenda Discovery, we have automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool for the retail industry. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

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