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Is Your City The Latest to Enact a Natural Gas Ban?

In case you haven’t heard, several U.S. states have voted to ban the use of natural gas in newly-built residential and commercial properties, putting an end to new gas-powered stoves, furnaces, laundry machines, and water heaters in these communities. Lawmakers have proposed these bills to fight the growing concern of climate change. But what do these policies mean for businesses and our communities? That’s what we’ve highlighted below.

Why Local Governments Are Banning Natural Gas

Natural gas, which is derived from fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, but according to Axios, it’s America’s largest source of electricity by nearly 40%. The new bills banning natural gas come from a growing number of cities looking to transition to alternative energy sources. California and a portion of the Northeast have been working to build an electric infrastructure to reduce their emissions. However, these bans come at a cost to several industries.

How Natural Gas Bans Impact Our Society

Enacting a natural gas ban impacts a number of industries, including those in construction, engineering, food as well as utility companies. Many of those in opposition are working to protect gas regulations in states such as Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Furthermore, some bills have been overruled by state attorney generals because they believe state laws supersede local initiatives. 

While the bans face opposition, environmental groups are leading a campaign to get more local lawmakers on board with banning natural gas. They believe that once some states adopt a natural gas ban, more will follow suit. The idea that states such as Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, and Washington will create their own bills eliminating gas energy is not too far-fetched. In fact, Massachusetts has already begun the first stages of drafting its own legislation. 

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