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How are Housing Developments Supporting the Homeless Community?


Most cities in the United States are experiencing homelessness on a high level due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The homeless population is one group that is at great risk of exposure, infection and death from the coronavirus. As a result, many housing developments are repurposing underutilized hotels, motels, and other properties to facilitate them as we battle through the pandemic.

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Colorado Housing Development Grants Hotels Tenancy Support Program

Recently, the Colorado General Assembly proposed a bill that would use the housing development grant fund to support affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. Not only that but it is designed to prevent at-risk individuals from losing their homes.

The act transfers $30 million from the affordable housing and homeownership cash fund towards the grant to support its programming. Additionally, the act requires the department of local affairs, during its annual report to detail the rental and tenancy support service programs provided by the division of housing. 

Local Governments are Requesting Assistance from Hotel Operators

Similar to what Colorado is doing, other local governments are seeking help from hotel owners to house homeless individuals. For example, Louisville, Kentucky’s Public Health and Wellness Department sought bids from hotels to provide at least 10 rooms per day, or 100 “room nights” per month, for people who can’t isolate themselves at home. With the Delta variant prolonging our return to normal, cities like Louisville may need to open another bid for assistance from hotel operators. 

California’s Housing Development is Converting Properties into Permanent Housing

Local governments in California are exploring the long-term potential of converting hotels, motels, residential care facilities, and other properties into permanent housing. During the program, California spent $846 million from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, the California General Fund, and contributions from philanthropic partners to create over 6000 units of permanent housing during the 6 months of the program. 

Local Nonprofits are Helping Housing Developments Convert

Another important aspect to protecting the homeless community has come from the support of nonprofits. Cities across the nation are assisting nonprofit organizations in converting underutilized hotels into fully furnished living spaces for homeless individuals. For example, Roof Above, a homeless service provider in Charlotte, North Carolina is working to convert an old hotel into a sanctuary. The hotel has 88 rooms on 2.6 acres of land to make it a hub for people to find support. 

Why Is It Important To Stay on Top of Local Government Agendas

Due to the extreme nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of discussions are happening concerning the support of laws and regulations relating to housing developments. Whether you agree or disagree with the measures does not matter, but it’s important to know what’s coming down the pipeline to prevent any unwanted surprises from occurring. Additionally, staying on top of developing local laws and regulations can help ready your business for what’s to come.

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