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Green Construction is a Growing Industry

building with plants representing green construction

Green construction has been growing in popularity because of climate change and recent environmental problems.  Local governments are now considering sustainability issues when monitoring construction development. These “requirements” or project provisions can cost companies millions of dollars depending on the mandate. However, you can stay up-to-date with the local government with Agenda Discovery. Our legislative tracking software can save you large amounts of time searching for meeting agendas that pertain to your project.

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The Problem 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that 569 million tons of debris have been generated in the U.S. just in 2017. In fact, construction waste has been a huge problem for the environment and local governments have made laws for companies to follow when developing.

What is Green Construction?

Green construction is essentially an “earth-friendly” building to help reduce waste and help preserve the environment. When executing green construction projects, companies must involve all steps of the process including planning, designing, building, and operations. Operations of a building include efficient water and energy use, material selection, and efficiency on site.

Examples of Green Construction

Biodegradable materials are one of the most important parts of green construction. In fact, materials that can be decomposed after are changing the disposal process of construction waste to be more green and not as harmful to the environment. Instead of a huge pile of metal scraps that will be in a landfill for a long period of time, microorganisms can decompose biodegradable materials.

Another example is cool roofs. Normally, roofs only reflect about 20% of the light, heating up a building to an undesirable temperature. In addition, regular roofs can get up to 150 degrees in the peak of summer. Cool roofs were invented to reflect up to 80% of the light, which in turn, causes an air conditioner unit to be used less. 

Rammed Earth walls are another green construction technique that is growing in popularity and is not harmful to the environment. They are a mixture of materials from the earth including gravel, sand, clay, and silt that are placed between panels. Additionally, they are very strong in compression and perform well under stress such as earthquakes.

Government Involvement

With the rise of green construction, there might be resistance by some developers. This can be because materials that are biodegradable can be more expensive and harder to find. California now has a program called CalGreen that outlines different building codes developers must follow. Furthermore, the EPA has also highlighted some regulations regarding building green standards that can be found here

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