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City Council Agenda Tracking

Stay on top of the issues that impact the financial industry. Receive city council agenda alerts about information that impacts your business. 

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Government Bonds

Our government agenda alert tool delivers updates to you in real-time, every time relevant topics like “municipal bonds” or “government bonds” are scheduled to be discussed at city council meetings.

Financial Regulation

Towns, counties, and state governments all collect taxes and fees from both citizens and businesses. If you are a business with many locations, monitoring changing government regulations is even more challenging.

Financial Technology

Local jurisdictions have complex financial systems and unique responsibilities. Financial technology organizations need to monitor changing city regulations to run their business.

Banking Regulations & Security Requirements That Will Impact The Future

Banks and financial institutions are in the midst of a shift to more advanced technology. However, with an influx of technology comes more opportunity for a data breach or hack that compromises sensitive financial information. Luckily, the government is cracking down on regulatory compliance and stronger cybersecurity measures to ensure customer’s information is safe.

About Agenda Discovery​

At Agenda Discovery, we have automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool for the retail industry. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

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