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Electric Vehicle

Charging Stations Companies that provide electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) to municipalities are at the mercy of city officials to do business.

Local governments decide how accessible EV and PHEVs will be to the public, and if alternative vehicle programs will be supported by the city or if it’s up to private businesses to offer solutions to consumers.

It’s essential that EV and PHEVs businesses stay up to date on what’s happening in city council meetings. Having a government agenda alert system that notifies your company in real-time about votes and hearings happening about EV and PHEVs in cities across the country is an unparalleled asset to your outbound sales strategy.

With a growing interest in electric vehicles, the industry is only becoming more competitive. Outside-the-box thinking and strategy are what will distinguish the industry leaders.

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A red electric car is being refueled through it's charging port