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Municipalities Are Facing Electric Vehicle Charging Deserts

charging station for an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming a prominent option for people around the world to escape traditional gas-powered options. According to Pew Research Center, 7% of U.S. adults have an electric or hybrid vehicle, with 39% saying they’d likely buy an electric car the next time they’re in the market for a new car. However, outside of big cities, these cars are not quite common. Why? It could be due to a lack of charging stations to power their cars. 

Agenda Discovery makes local governments more transparent for business owners across a wide range of industries. We ensure you stay on top of government matters that relate to your industry to ensure you’re not caught off guard. The future looks electric and local government agencies and businesses are looking to facilitate consumers’ needs. Read our article below and learn how the public and government sectors are reacting to charging deserts.

America is Facing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Shortage

While commuters are becoming more interested in electric cars, many don’t invest in these incredible innovations. According to the New York Times, the biggest deal breaker for shoppers is the lack of chargers in apartments, communities, and long-distance drivers. One resident in the article describes how he has to drive a couple of miles away from his home and wait several hours before a full charge.

In an Insider study, surveyors asked people who owned electric cars why they went back to gas-powered vehicles. Their answer? Charging an electric vehicle is more of a hassle than simply filling your car up with gas. While these vehicles are undoubtedly the future, the United States is facing a problem and it’s driving away consumers. 

How are Local Government Agencies Responding?

You might have heard that President Biden has launched a campaign that invests in the advancement of electric vehicle charging stations. The Department of Transportation announced it will be offering grants that can be used to deploy a better charging infrastructure. This involves funding for new charger-related research, development, and installation. 

Municipalities across the United States have already begun strengthening their electric vehicle infrastructure. They’re normalizing electric cars by adopting them in their own vehicle fleets. Austin, Texas set a goal of having 330 vehicles in their inventory by 2020. Additionally, Los Angeles’ sanitation department is committed to an all-electric fleet by 2035. Most likely, local agencies adopting electric cars will implement more charging stations to accommodate their drivers and the public at large. 

In addition to normalizing electric vehicles, local government agencies are creating incentives for places to install charging stations. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is providing grants to offset the cost of purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Properties such as parking facilities, workplaces, government and educational facilities, non-profits, apartments and condos are eligible for the grant. 

Rural towns are also an important element in the electric vehicle infrastructure. Establishing a robust and continuous infrastructure is important if companies and agencies are looking to make these cars the new norm. This develops a partnership among all stakeholders and greater placement of charging stations across the U.S.

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