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Is Your City Adopting a Recycling and Composting Program?

Recycling and composting

Recycling and composting activities, if organized properly by your local government, can generate many environmental and economic benefits. Cities like San Francisco, Portland, Denver, Seattle, and many others are implementing programs that tackle better waste disposal operations. But, exactly what impacts are these programs having on our communities and the environment? 

At Agenda Discovery, we make local government more transparent. For you to secure a successful business, you need support from your elected officials. With our legislative tracking tool, you’re able to stay on top of their agendas. Resulting in a better understanding and knowledge of how their laws and regulations affect your business. Read our article below and learn how recycling and composting may be impacting your community. 

Communities Across America are Adopting Recycling and Composting Programs

As previously mentioned, many cities in the United States are fighting the waste disposal pandemic by enlisting in recycling and composting programs. Recently, Colorado introduced Senate Bill 21-180 which created the Colorado Recycling and Composting Infrastructure Enterprise to provide funding for sustainable waste disposal for municipalities. 

Additionally, cities like Phoenix, Arizona, have constructed composting and recycling centers where community waste finds itself. Phoenix’s compost facility has the capability to process up to 55,000 tons of compost per year. It is also capable of expanding its processing capacity up to 220,000 tons.

What Can These Programs Do For Your Community?

Recycling and composting programs have the potential to invigorate your community’s economy. For example, it can create new jobs and new sources of income, as well as valuable raw materials to industries in the area. Additionally, it can produce soil-enhancing compost for agriculture.

Probably the most apparent benefit to these programs is their ability to support our environment. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the programs reduce the need to site and build more landfills and combustors, as well as prevent higher amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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