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The Local Franchise Authority (LFA) is not as well-known as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but it directly impacts which cable services are available in your area.

The LFA is the resident power that regulates cable rates, franchise fees, the reliability and performance of cable signals in a region, and a cable company’s ability to use public land to set-up signal towers and run wires. 

In 2019, the FCC passed a new Cable Order law that impacted local governments in two major ways. The first-in-kind order which allows cable companies to reduce the number of franchise fees they have to pay out to local powers.

According to the FCC, the second “mixed-use,” rule “prohibits LFAs from regulating the provision of any services other than cable services offered over the cable systems of incumbent cable operators that are common carriers, or from regulating facilities and equipment used in the provision of such non-cable services, with the exception of I-Nets.”

Cable providers have to be on top of government regulations like these. The top way to do this is with agenda software.

A worm's eye view of a telephone pole with power lines going in every direction