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Behavioral Health

Behavioral and mental health awareness is growing, with more locally funded programs emerging across the country.

Each state has a network of Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs) that supply the local community with government-backed care. But, each state supports these programs differently.

State policymakers decide how much the government will contribute to making behavioral health care available. Therapy, rehabilitation, and medications are all expensive. People who suffer from legitimate behavioral health issues often struggle to maintain a steady income.

Local legislation chooses who is eligible and how many free or discounted behavioral health clinics will be available in a region. State governments determine what type of training workers at these facilities need, who has access to the clinics, and what the rates for service will be.

Some local governments support behavioral health at a minimum level. Others, like the City of New York, go above and beyond with programs like ThriveNYC.

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