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Fifth-generation (5G) wireless is what’s coming next for WiFi.

Having access to WiFi won’t be enough once we adapt 5G across the country. 5G will run faster than the WiFi we’re used to, it will have much greater data storage capabilities, and will be more consistent.

Even though state and local governments regulate the wireless internet options, the American federal government is getting more involved with implementing 5G internet. 

Federal officers have many reasons for wanting to get more involved with 5G. The FCC’s primary concern is cybersecurity. Legislative leaders are also interested in the role 5G can play in business and education for citizens. The federal government sees value in 5G for further development of our country on all levels. This interest has started hearings and debates about how 5G should be regulated.

Our discovery meeting agenda software will track local and state government calendars for any mention of 5G so that your business is in-the-know.

A red and white cell tower standing tall on top of a building